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Seibon Carbon Fiber OEM-Style Mirror Covers - 2005-08 Ferrari F430

Part Number MC0508FER430
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SEIBON creates performance oriented carbon fiber body panels thatsave weight, add style and are durable enough to hold up under gruelingracing conditions. The production team at SEIBON has over 15 years'experience, and they use the latest cutting-edge technology tomanufacture hand-laid or vacuum infused carbon fiber panels.

Construction starts with the highest grade carbon fiber raw material,the same kind used in aviation, satellites and rockets. All SEIBON panels are made with 1-piece carbon sheet, so appearance and strengthare not impaired by the broken lines and patterns characteristic ofmultiple sheets put together. The carbon sheet is supported by afiberglass "skeleton", but SEIBON builds the carbon sheet into the moldso it doesn't break and split, like inferior carbon fiber panels wherethe carbon is only wrapped around the skeleton.

SEIBON uses a clear coat finish, for a shiny, durable "wet" look, asopposed to the duller finish found on panels with a gel-coat finish. Aspecial mix of high-tech resin results in excellent transparency with noclear coat chips or flakes. SEIBON's construction process also utilizesa high carbon/resin ratio, for exceptional product stiffness and highstrength. The end result is a strong, durable, attractive panel thatwill look great on your car and weigh up to 50% less than the originalpanel.

Once created, all SEIBON carbon fiber components are meticulouslyinspected for quality and to ensure fitment. However, the buyer shouldunderstand that no aftermarket body part will fit exactly like the original equipment part. Some products mayrequire minor modifications, and minor adjustments may be necessary aspart of the normal installation process. We recommend professionalinstallation by an installer familiar with the installation ofaftermarket carbon fiber components. If parts are to be painted theyshould be pre-fit to the vehicle before painting because paintedproducts cannot be returned.

To prevent damage to carbon fiber hoods and trunks/hatches, SEIBONrecommends that the stock springs or shocks/dampers/struts not bereinstalled. SEIBON also recommends that hood pins be installed forsafety when installing a carbon fiber hood.

SEIBON will replace any carbon fiber component that exhibits heavycloudiness under the clear coat or has a clear coat bubble larger than3/8". They will also replace any panel where the clear coat changes morethan a full shade within 6 months. Slight fading and discoloration overtime is natural. To preserve carbon fiber hood finish, SEIBONrecommends that the heat shield from the original hood be transferred tothe carbon fiber panel, or that an aftermarket heat shield product beinstalled.


  • Finished in glossy clear coat that will not chip or flake
  • Aerodynamically designed
  • One-piece carbon sheet construction for consistent weave pattern
  • Exceptional carbon/resin ratios for high stiffness and extra product strength
  • Manufactured from the highest grade carbon fiber raw material
  • Up to 50% lighter than original panel
  • Over 15 years' experience creating carbon fiber components
  • 6-month limited clear coat warranty
  • This product is designed for style and performance. Please be aware of your local laws and regulations

Fitment Notes: The manufacturer recommends that hood pins be used for all carbon fiber hoods. Hood pins are sold separately.

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